About Me

I am a 16 year old programmer and web developer.
Currently I am studying programming at Paks in Hungary.

How I started programming

I started programming when I was like 11. I was always interested in technology and computers, my dad searched on the internet to find me an easy programming language to code in, he found python. First I started making a game following a tutorial but that didn't work out well for me. I had no idea what anything meant and it was hard for me to change things in the game. Than I didn't do anything for more than a year. The biggest reason I got back to programming was that I got an F in IT class and I started doing nonmandatory home work. At first I was mostly doing presentations about various things, but Eventually I started making websites. At first they were just normal websites without any interactivity but later, when got into javascript I started making web "tools" like a paint program or notes and things like that. And also a game called "Zombik", which I was working on all summer after 7th grade. At one point I even made multiplayer for it. Later I also got into java. And this is where I am now.